crowded as always, unique as it could be, yet still proud to be there. but sorry guys, ours, at our time will always be better :D. it’s been sooo looong, but some things remain the same. many changes but nothing is really ‘new’. it’s like a time tunnel to good old days. walk the path, bump into old faces with new appearances. [sampe lupa kontrol komen si litha; “tua’an loe..” πŸ˜€ ]. met dear old friends, only 2 out of 16. yet it highlighted everything that day, have good laughs as always. sooo missed you gals.


one more note: i’m here today because of gio. his eagerness, his curiosity, his enthusiasm.. πŸ™‚ amaze with his willingness to go through those crowded, ge-je situation. we endure twice heavy rains, get dry, yet he still up for more exploration.. πŸ˜€ so thank you gio for your spirit is contagious. oh also thank you for your patience while waiting for these 3 lovely ladies chatting and catching up.. even willing to take a picture of us [*see above πŸ˜‰ cheese ] .


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