orange day

Never really thought about my days until I read this post at Carrie Cariello’s blog (which also become the title of her book); what colour is Monday?

excuse me, what?

“what colour do you see for monday?” “yes, all days are colours..”

felt like being questioned, “Don’t you know that?”

That it came from a fascinating mind of an autistic 9 year old boy, just adds amazement to my wonders. It opens up a curiousity as well as exciting possibility; Yes.. it is possible to make your days colour, even better, colourfull.. How does he do that? How does he see and categorized everything incorporated in one regular day with particular colour? For him Saturday is Purple. Why? Not a clue. Even to his wonderful mom, his son’s mind is a fascinating mysterious world of his own. Does he think about the colour first, then relate every important thing in that day to that colour, or the other way around, something important happened that day that related to the colour? It might have to do with his routine, his uniform, his food, his school assignment, an aura he might see, or an odor  he might smell from something every Saturday? It might not that simple, yet it could be anything. Do this add some kind of easiness for him to go through the day, or some kind of order in his hectic world? Nobody knows but him I guess.

I am not trying to understand this mystery. To bump into this wonderful blog is already a wonder for me. My instant reaction was imagining to have one colour theme through the whole day. I don’t know why, I was just make a decision that it was orange. I also don’t remember thinking about what day it was, and just call it Orange Day. It was difficult. What related to orange? Try to imagine orange in everything I see, I use, I meet – even my boys and my dog.. so everything is kind of orangish, as seen through a camera lens with an extreme warm filter 😀 No, that’s not it. What is orange felt? Does it match the warmth of the sun? Does it match the silliness of Darwin an orange fish cartoon character from The Amazing World of Gumball, that amuses and makes Obi has his belly laugh? Does it felt like the fun when the kids are playing cooking with their orange plastic kitchenware? Or the sweetness, sourness, and freshness of an orange? It started to work out when I associate it with feelings. So orange day for me is the warmth as the colour of beautiful sunset, as also the warmth atmosphere of spending a cozy afternoon with my boys. The day when Obi caught a glimpse of wonderful sunset, looked for me to show it, “Ma, quick come, I want you to see something.. “, (ah.. yes bi, it’s gorgeous! sometimes even felt magical )

It makes me realize how we take our days for granted. Just living it and let it goes by, often without any effort to make it fun, interesting, special, or just to make it happy.

Coincidently I was also just started to read Gretchen Rubin’s book, the Happiness Project. Her story is inspiring, enlightening, and somehow related to my condition. Some major changes are going on in my life right now and they make me think a lot. But I also have so much to be happy about, so much to feel grateful about. I just need to start adding colour to my days, today, anyday.. and make each n every ‘today’ my favourite day as this cute big bear said…



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