big bear hugs

I learned this from LeoBabauta, a man of action himself and the creator of Zen Habits, a brilliant blog about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. “… find little, simple pleasures and sprinkle them throughout your day. They are not big things, but each simple pleasure can translate to a great day if you use them right.

So, here is my list. [some of them are actually big, still they bring peace in mind, smile in my face and light up my spirit]

  • a cup of hot coffee
  • taking a long relaxing shower
  • singing with my youngest
  • barefoot in grass
  • yellow paprika
  • listening to good music in the car
  • the feeling after alkaline exercise
  • a slice of lemon in my drink bottle
  • write my journal
  • read a good book
  • movie time and popcorn with my boys
  • barefoot in the sand
  • watching the sunrise
  • writing for my blog
  • before bed ritual with my youngest, hug and kisses before fall asleep, and watch their peaceful faces as they asleep
  • vanilla smell of scented candle
  • watching the sunset
  • reading time with my boys
  • hugging my boys tightly
  • see the expression and gesture of my boys during our conversation
  • dark chocolate
  • a long conversation with a dear friend
  • looking at pictures of my boys
  • being lazy on Sunday
  • big bear hugs

bear n cofe

  • just right ripe avocado sprinkled with brown sugar
  • watching my boys play
  • play game board with my boys
  • give smile and smiled back
  • getting a massage
  • a cup of hot peppermint tea
  • cuddling with the loved ones
  • checking something off my to-do list
  • watching my boys play ball or ride a bike
  • walk in nature, be in nature
  • a clear and organized room
  • scrapbooking
  • sit in terrace with a good view
  • swinging on a swing
  • just right hair cut
  • warmth of the morning sun
  • find a matching quotes with my condition
  • yoga or meditation
  • good morning with a big smile
  • snuggling in bed with the loved one
  • wonderful words in my inbox
  • walking in a clean house
  • the feel of clean bed sheet
  • the crunchy salmon skin and avocado inside a sushi
  • enjoying Christmas tree
  • a bowl of hot clear vegetable soup
  • clean car
  • enjoying trimmed garden

Promise I will add this list as I go along.. 😉

one person’s pleasures aren’t always pleasures for others. After I made the list, actually I become more aware of the things I do. Guess I’m still analyzing how it really made me feels 😀 since I usually don’t really realize many things I do, mind wondering, think about other things as I do something. It works though.. more often I slowed down to enjoy the things I do..

thank you for such wonderful advice.. 🙂



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